The Diva Maker difference! Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People

The Diva Maker difference! Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People

What sets Diva Maker apart from our competitors is very simple. First of all, we designed our company with the customer in mind. Then we proceeded to search for products that fit our company profile. We know there is a lot of low quality hair on the market today that is neither consumer or environmentally friendly.

I, personally, have been wearing hair extensions since 1984 due to sickness called Lupus. When I started to lose my hair, I felt I had lost my beauty and my confidence waned. Fortunately, I had support and managed to find a hair stylist that helped me to feel good again about myself by helping me with hair extensions. So you can see I have first hand experience with medical hair loss and can identify with the thousands of women who suffer in silence. I had gone to other hair stylists and sometimes the hair they put in made me itch or irritated my scalp. Later I found out after doing research most of the hair offered on the market then and today has a mix of animal (monkey or horsetail) and/or synthetic hair (plastic). Unfortunately, there are no official regulations in this market segment.

In accordance to consumer protection, as long as the hair has 60% human hair content, it can be labeled as 100% human hair. So when the client buys hair, there is no guarantee of the mix. When I decided to start my business, I knew then that I wanted to raise the bar and offer only chemical free 100% Indian real Remy human hair to eliminate allergic reactions to the client due to similar hair mixes. So I decided to research and find factories that meet my criteria.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Luxury and Premium ECO-friendly 100% quality Remy Human hair, Hair care, Beauty and Skin care products and Educational training services by leading and setting the standards in our field of industry. Our business concept is based on the marketing strategy that customer superiority and awareness lead to success and increased sales. We offer our distributors and resellers a good profit margin and support to help maximize their impact in their perspective markets.

So, start browsing our extensive product catalogue and purchase with confidence. Here you will find everything you need to start or enhance your current profile whether you are an ordinary customer, reseller or a salon professional. Always at affordable prices.

The Diva Maker philosophy is simple:

ECO-Friendly | Non-Damaging | No chemicals | No Allergies | No Tangles | No Animal testing | Longer Lasting | No sore scalps | Easy Application | No skin irritation | No animal hair | No synthetic fibers.

✓Remy Cuticle human hair extensions
✓ 1 - 3 years if maintained properly
✓ Reusable Interchangeable colors
✓ Tangle / Shed free
✓ No Animal / Synthetic mix