Indian Hair

Indian Hair is very close in texture and quality to the European Hair and is most suited for the European market. Most important is how the hair is collected and assembled. What is most important is that Indian mostly identified as Indian Remy Hair. This is because Indian hair is carefully collected so the cuticles of the hair are lined up to go into the same direction. When the hair is lined up in this manner, it has no chance of tangling. This is the best type of hair for hair extensions. It is cost effective and the quality is quite high.

The Diva Collection Straight Indian Remy human hair is regarded as the finest elite quality human hair It's stronger, healthier and less likely to tangle than the ordinary human hair because the cuticle is still intact It gives you the option to cut, curled, straightened or dyed just like your own hair

Human Hair offers the most natural look and feel It is remarkably soft with a shine and movement.

The Diva Collection 100% Human Hair can be cut and styled to suit your personal tastes And while it can be a more expensive pick Human Hair is by far the superior choice if quality is the only consideration

Our Indian straight hair is high quality and is 100% Pure and Natural Virgin Human Hair,cut from one donor,cuticle holding,no lice and nits,no grey hair.The ends of Indian straight hair is full length and weight,all the hair is the same color,the hair ends is healthy with little to no chemical processing

Characteristics Of Indian Wavy and Curly Hair:

Unprocessed Virgin Indian Body Wave Hair, Natural Hair Weave Bundles in Body wave, loose wave,Deep wave,Water wave, loose water -etc

8-30 inch (For styles 18 inches or shorter, we recommend three bundles. However for styles longer than 18'' inches, we recommend using 4-5 bundles to achieve a full look.)

Hair Extensions

Today hair extensions are becoming more and more common. What begun years ago in America as a fad and luxury for the rich and famous, is now spread to the mass on a worldwide scale. Over the years the beauty industry has evolved and created methods and techniques that bring awe to the world of hair extensions. Now with these modern methods and techniques, wigs, hairpieces and ponytails are blended into your own hair with out any detection.

The reason hair extensions are so popular is very simple, women want long luxurious hair for volume and to create a stunning breath taking appearance. Colours and highlights can be added for beauty enhancement. There are different types of hair extensions that are suitable to meet the needs of everyone looking to lengthen or thicken their hair.

However, hair extensions are not for everyone. Depending on hair type and condition of your hair should determine the type and length of hair extensions you should get. The extensions can be styled with 100% human hair or synthetic hair, depending on the customer’s particular request or need.

In order to guarantee high quality hair extensions you must start with high quality materials. This means asking key questions when shopping for the hair of your choice and making the hair reflect the image you are trying to create. In order to ensure the hair extensions you will be happy with and are proud to wear you must realize you must not shop on price alone. You must check for texture as well as style and pay necessary cost for the hair that fits the image you are trying to create. Also make sure that the technician or hair stylist has the experience required to do the job to your satisfaction. I have seen so many customers pay a lot of money for horrific hair extensions.

 In order to create the right look for a client in hair extensions is often challenging, require patience and a creative mind. In addition it is demanding on the technician with many hours of hard and tedious work. Sometimes in order to create the look the customer is requesting you must be prepared to perform more than one technique or method on that particular customer.

 It is becoming more and more common nowadays for stylist to attend courses in hair extension in order to keep up with the trends in the market place today. This is to get the proper training they need to in order to guarantee to their customer the best service and proper techniques are performed on the customer at the time of their visit to the salon.

Today there are so many untrained and inexperienced hair stylist and technicians performing the task of applying hair extensions. This is giving the industry a bad name in the hair extension area. There must be more extensive training in this area of the beauty industry in order to ensure the customer is receiving the right method and type of hair that is required to give that natural look.

There are also so many things that can go wrong with untrained stylists and technicians, such as hair loss, wrong blending of hair textures, and especially a bad color match. With keeping all of these things in mind I recommend visiting only experienced hair stylist with proper training in the hair extension field. Otherwise you might end up having the hair extension nightmare.

I recommend doing a little research on the type of hair as well as on the different salons offering hair extensions best suited for you. If you are a stylist offer references of satisfied customers, and a free consultation before actual performance of the work. Also, when the customer visits the stylist or technician, ask how do they do the removal process of the extensions after they have grown out. This is just as important as applying them. If they have no clue you must not allow them to continue with the process.

One of the key factors as I mentioned before, is the raw materials. The quality of the hair must meet the requirements to ensure quality hair extensions. I recommend using a hair quality you are familiar with. Do not rely on the client to purchase the hair because for the most part the client has no clue when it comes to purchasing hair. They operate under the assumption that it is the right quality, texture, length and color, only to find the quality, texture or color is wrong for them. So I recommend having or ordering the right hair for the customer only by the stylist or technician in order to obtain the desired end results.

There are currently no regulations regarding the quality or types of hair on the market today. Neither in EU or the USA. FDA has not put any thing into play that guarantees that you get what you request or pay for. Some companies are quite scandalous in this area of the beauty industry. They are offering horsehair, horse hair mixed with human hair, synthetic hair, synthetic hair mixed with human hair and calling it human hair. Beware also of the REMY hair scam. Remy hair means that the cuticles are lined up to guarantee non-tangling, so many companies and manufacturers are applying silicone to the hair to appear like remy hair but only after it is washed and the silicone is gone you see the real deal. The hair tangles and clump into a big ball that may take several hours to comb out or in some cases I have seen where clients have out of frustration, just cut it out leaving bald spots in their head.

You must also take into consideration the risks involved in doing hair extensions. The main risk is hair loss due to the fact that the customer is not given proper instructions, after the hair extensions have been applied. Information on proper after care, which shampoos and conditioners to avoid and the right ones to use. Different methods require different care procedures. It is important to offer the proper shampoo and other necessities as part of the hair extension package to ensure beautiful and long lasting hair extensions and a return customer.


 Textures and Styles

 When doing hair extensions it is best to use human hair. Although synthetic hair can be used, for best results and longer wear, human hair is best. However, as noted before, make sure you select the quality of hair that you would like to reflect in the quality of the hair extensions.


There are different types and textures of hair, such as yaki, silky straight, body wave, deep wave and so on. Choose the hair that is best suited for your hair type, so it will look as natural as possible. There are also many methods available. Not everyone can wear the same methods so choose the right method for you or your client through a consultation.

Fusion hair, weft hair braiding, lock n link, or just a pony tail must fit the customers’ image and or personality for it to be best suited for the individual. So think carefully in the selection process. I have had customers insist on a particular style and I know that it is not suitable for them, but they are hell bent on the style, only to have their husbands call me and demand I remove the hair and do it the way I had suggested in the first place. Sometimes we cannot give the customers what they want. We must inform them on what is best for them. We are the experts.

 Cuticle Hair / Remy Hair

 This is considered the best hair on the market. In this case the cost reflects the quality. It cost more than the other hair because it has been given special attention. It means all cuticles are lined up and going in the same direction. This prevents tangling even after it has been washed several times. Remember several companies offer hair that is covered in silicone and once the silicone is washed away the customer can have major problems with the hair tangling or just balls up into a big ball that is next to impossible to get loose. Usually this quality is treated with a non chemical base, but with natural herbs to ensure the stability of the quality and color .

 Non-Cuticle Hair

This particular hair type and quality is the lowest quality available. It is generally the scrap from the floor. There is no special care taken in the process of this quality. It is usually treated with chemicals to remove the cuticles such as acid then processed with silicone to give the silky shining appearance. The luster and beauty of this type of hair soon disappears. It requires lot of work and products to keep up this particular type of hair, if at all possible. This hair type is best for short-term wear.

 Hair Origin

European Hair

European Hair is quite fine or considered similar to baby hair. It is relatively thin with a finer structure and has an oval cross section. This type of hair is in high demand because of the soft texture and is more sensitive than the other types. European hair must be treated with gentle care because of is fine nature.

  Indian Hair

Indian Hair is very close in texture and quality to the European Hair and is most suited for the European market. Most important is how the hair is collected and assembled. What is most important is that Indian mostly identified as Indian Remy Hair. This is because Indian hair is carefully collected so the cuticles of the hair are lined up to go into the same direction. When the hair is lined up in this manner, it has no chance of tangling. This is the best type of hair for hair extensions. It is cost effective and the quality is quite high.

 Brazilian Hair

Brazilian Hair is 100% Natural Virgin Remy Premium Quality, reusable, tangle free Cuticle human weft hair for hair extensions. You can use this hair for 1 - 3 years when maintained properly! Can be colored to any dark and light colors.

This hair is raw and natural hair and comes in its natural colors and is very glossy and fine. Only the best hair has been carefully selected and hand picked strand by strand by hair from young Virgin healthy hair. Virgin hair, it cuticles intact running in the same direction to prevent tangling. It has not been chemically processed, or undergone any chemical processes, bleached, dyed, colored or perm at all and is free from animal/synthetic hair. This reduces the risk of allergens.

Brazilian Hair matches more types from Caucasian to African-American and is excellent for people with African ancestry. Most important is how the hair is collected and assembled. This is the best type of hair for hair extensions. It is cost effective and the quality is quite high. It comes in natural colors of black or dark brown or sometimes a bit lighter and is very glossy and fine.

Since this hair has not been chemically processed it will look and behave in the same way as your own hair, and will last for several years with proper care. This hair is ideal for customers who have chemical allergies or who would like to chemically personalize and color their hair. And with this genuine weft hair you have a lot of possibilities. You can choose different techniques like, bonding, micro rings, clip-in or sew in.

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